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Our Fleet of Cars

We offer a carefully selected collection of cars for your enjoyment for every occasion

First and foremost, we are lovers of cars and driving. 

We understand the importance of the car chosen to enhance the self-driving experience or show up on special occasions such as weddings and proms. We have Four cars in our fleet for your pleasure. They are McLaren 650s, Bentley Flying Spur, Mini cooper S convertible, and BMW X5. We plan to increase our fleet with driver-focused and luxury cars such as Lotus, Caterham, Maserati, TVR, Aston Martin, and Porsche in the near future.

All of the cars available for hire are owned and maintained by us. The photographs show the actual cars available to reserve. We are not a hire broker and own our entire fleet, therefore, the quality of the cars and availability are assured and they are the very best examples.

The insurance is included for valid driving license holders 30 years old and over. Extra drivers can be added if required. Each car includes 200 miles per-day allowance. We charge for extra miles over 200 miles. 24-hour breakdown and recovery cover are included. Please refer to the terms and conditions for more detail.

For Self-drive tour hire, the car must be parked at Woodlands House at night The features listed on the Self-Drive Tours page are included in the price.

McLaren and Bentley can be hired for weddings, proms and other occasions.

McLaren 650S

The 650s is the fastest car in the fleet by far. The performance is truly astonishing. You feel everything in the 650S, through the steering wheel, the seat of your pants, and the firm brake pedal. Indeed, few cars communicate each individual wheel’s amount of grip with such clarity. The 650S tells you in no uncertain terms when the driver is approaching his own limits—or more accurately when it’s approaching the driver’s limits.

Our car is one of the highest spec 650s with virtually all of the interior and exterior carbon fibre options fitted. It is equipped with a front lift, reserve camera, and all important sports exhaust.

It is an excellent choice for weddings, proms, and self-drive tours.

Day Hire : from £900

Deposit :  £4,000

Extra miles : £4

Overall MPG : 18 

Engine : 3.8l V8 twin Turbo

Horse Power : 641bhp

Torque : 678N/m

Transmission : 7 speed dual clutch

Drive : RWD

Body : Coupe

Seats : 2

Dimension (mm) : 4511 x 1895 x 1199

Kerb Weight (Kg) : 1428

Production : 2014-2017

0-62 mph : 3 seconds

0-124 mph : 8.4 seconds

Top speed : 217 mph


Bentley Flying Spur

Travel in comfort, luxury, and speed, The flying spur is an ideal car for up to four adults to tour around the roads of Scotland.  At full chat, it has the ability to murder an open stretch of tarmac that beggars belief.  It changes direction with remarkable grace and conviction. 

It is a cost-effective choice for weddings, proms, and luxurious self-drive tours.

Day Hire : From £300

Deposit :  £2,500

Extra miles : £2

Overall MPG : 22 

Engine : 6.0l W12 twin turbo

Horse Power : 552bhp

Torque : 650N/m

Transmission : 6 automatic

Drive : AWD

Body : Sedan

Seats : 4

Dimension (mm) : 5306 x 1995 x 147

Kerb Weight (Kg) : 2475

Production : 2004-2013

0-62 mph : 4.9 seconds

Top speed : 195 mph


Mini Cooper S R52

The fun little Cooper S is finished in a very rare factory reflex paint, which is a mixture of metallic purple, blue and gold, The Mini is easy and fast enough to drive and it's well-suited for the narrow and twisty Scottish roads. The open top is ideal to be enjoyed on sunny days.

Day Hire : £108

Deposit :  £750

Extra miles : £1

Overall MPG : 32 

Engine : 1.6l super charge

Horse Power : 168bhp

Torque : 220N/m

Transmission : 5 speed manual

Drive : FWD

Body : Convertible

Seats : 4

Dimension (mm) : 3635 x 1689 x 1410

Kerb Weight (Kg) : 1215

Production : 2004-2008

0-62 mph : 7.4 seconds

Top speed : 134 mph


BMW X5 4.4i Sport E53

X5 is one of the most popular SUVs which is a safe choice for all-weather touring of Scotland for up to 5 adults. It is an economical choice to explore interesting places of the Scottish borders and further fields.

Day Hire :  £108

Deposit :  £750

Extra miles : £1

Overall MPG : 22 

Engine : 4.4l V8 NA

Horse Power : 282 bhp

Torque : 440N/m

Transmission : 5 speed automatic

Drive : AWD

Body : SUV

Seats : 5

Dimension (mm) : 4670x1870x1720

Kerb Weight (Kg) : 2080

Production : 1999-2005

0-62 mph : 7.5 seconds

Top speed : 129 mph

Car Hire terms

Car Hire Terms & Conditions


Fully Comprehensive insurance cover is included for the hirer. The charge for any other additional driver is £30 per day.


Prices are based on drivers aged 30 to 65 years. All drivers must have held a full valid driving licence for a minimum of two years,  and are subject to approval on completion of the insurance proposal form. Any convictions for drink or drug driving, dangerous or careless driving within the past 5 years will not be accepted. Overseas licenses are accepted subject to the above conditions.


We require a Reservation Fee of 25% of the total hire charge, which is non-refundable upon cancellation. The total hire charge must be paid at least 60 days before the first day of hire. Cancellations between 30 and 60 days prior to the hire date – 50% refund of the total hire charge, subject to a minimum charge of £50. Cancellations between 15 and 29 days prior to the hire date – 25% refund of the total hire charge, subject to a minimum charge of £50. Cancellations within 14 days – no refund due.


(A) As a security bond

(B) As payments towards any mechanical damage which is not covered by our Insurers, eg, tyres, wheels, clutch, gearbox and which was sustained during the hire period, excluding normal wear and tear, due to misuse and abuse.

(C) As payments towards any cosmetic damage, eg, interior, bodywork, kerbing of wheels, which was sustained during the hire period, excluding normal wear and tear, due to misuse and abuse.

(D) Additional charges incurred during hire for excess mileage and, or, petrol reimbursement charges. The Excess Security Deposit is as per the tariff.

(E) As an insurance excess against any accidental damage or loss caused to the vehicle by a third party or the hirer. The hirer is liable for the amount shown as an Excess Deposit. 


In case of cancellation from our side,  liability is limited to a refund of the hire charge. No consequential loss liability will be covered.


The hirer may use the vehicle for social domestic and pleasure purposes. The vehicles may not be used for any purposes for which they are not expressly designed. Further, the hirer will not use or permit the vehicles to be used for hire, driving tuition, towing, tracking, racing or pace-making, or for competing in any rally, or any other form of motor sport, track days, or for any illegal purpose whatsoever.


You will be provided with a full tank of petrol and the vehicle must be returned with a full tank (98 RON and above for McLaren and Betley). If, however, this is not the case any reimbursement for petrol will be charged at the pump price, plus £20 +VAT administration charge.


Our cars cannot be taken out of the UK. 


One-day hire covers from 9 am to 8 am the following day. 


The mileage allowance is 200 miles a single day. If the car is hired for more than one day, the total allowance is the number of days hired multiplied by 200 miles. e.g. for 5 days of hire, the allowance is 5 x 200 miles=1,000 miles.

Excess mileage is as per the current Tariff. Pre-paid miles are available at a reduced rate of 25% off. Unused pre-paid miles are not refundable.


Delivery is unavailable. The hirer must collect the car at the pre-arranged time from Woodlands House. There is on-site parking for the hirer's car.


All cars are offered subject to availability. Reserved car may not be available in case of breakdown, in which case, 100% refund will be given and an alternative car is offered.


Prices are subject to change without prior notice, however, once a car has been reserved and a deposit received,  the price remains the same. All drivers are subject to approval by our insurers.


For weddings, proms, and other special events, McLaren 650s and Bentley Flying Spur can be hired and parked away from Woodlands house at night. The car must be parked at the pre-agreed locations. We do not offer to chauffeurs. 


Deposit is payable either by bank transfer or credit/debit card prior to hiring the car. If there are no accidents, no damage, no excess mileage or the car is returned with a full tank, the whole deposit will be returned within 48 hours.

In case of damage to the car, the hirer only pays for the damage caused up to the deposit paid. Damage is classed as kerbing the wheels, dents and large paint issues. Stone chips are classed as wear and tear.

In case of an accident, if the fault is by a third party, the whole deposit will be returned. If the hirer is at fault, and the insurance is used, the whole of the deposit will not be refunded. If the cost of liabilities and damages is less than the deposit, the cost will be deducted from the deposit and the balance is returned.

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